Cold Fusion Ireland

Cold fusion Energy & LERN in Ireland

Is Cold fusion – LERN (Low energy nuclear Reaction) real ?

Many people still belive that cold fusion energy is too good to be true. The idea behind Cold fusion or “LERN” is that it’s possible to create nuclear fusion at room temperature generating an unlimited of cheap energy by using hydrogen and other different chemical elements producing almost zero waste.

This is why cold fusion could (finally) make oil obsolete. For those who do not remember exactly, LENR stands for Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (Nuclear Reactions at Low Energy). You could also have found another abbreviation: CANR which stands for “Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions”. So Lern, Carn or simply “Cold fusion” is just a fusion reactions that occur under normal pressure and at low temperature in which two atomic nuclei merge together to create a new and heavier nuclei.

Cold fusion now seems to be a reality. Why? Because new invention and discoveries have started to come out on the market. Since Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi presented in January 2011 the first prototype of the E-Cat (Energy catalyzer – the mini-reactor nuclear LENR) many interesting things have happened. Recently the 1 MW eCat plant has been sold to some unknow customer and, based on the latest Rossi revelation mass production of home heating e-Cat could start very soon.

NASA experts, and Bushnell in particular, point out that to them the apparatus devised by Rossi does not use cold fusion but LENR. But this caveat does not prevent them to reaffirm the great economic and ecological potential of E-Cat. In this blog we will analyze how new cold fusion inventions and products will effect the costs and the production of energy worldwide, with special attention to Ireland and Uk. At this moment Ireland is close to a very deep economic recession and, new invention and new LERN devices like that, could really help to boost the economy and reduce energy costs. Let’s see what happen!

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